Micro Perforation Packaging


By understanding the functionality of perforations in flexible packaging, we have designed the ideal package for your Micro Steam Cooking needs. The new way to cook fresh, frozen, and marinated filets with no mess.

The package vents automatically for the consumer while applying even cooking distribution throughout the pack.





Closed Cook System - *using micro perforation technology


- Ready to cook in bag packaging convenience
- Self-opening seal technology for steam release
- Consumer chooses: microwave or conventional oven
- Good clarity
- Perfect for fish filets and meats with butter, sauces and marinades
- Available as lidding film, roll stock, pre-made bags gusseted and non-gusseted
- 100% U.S. materials and converting
- FDA Approved materials






High Energy Perforation - Polymeric has developed a high energy perforation system to process both custom low and high density micro perforated hole patterns. Hole patterns can be print registered.

Laser Perforation - Custom perforated micro-perforated hole patterns.

Thermal Perforation - Macro and micro hole patterns from 1-5,000 holes per square inch. Normally used to perforate bi-oriented substrates.

Hot Needle Perforation - A wide range of perforating patterns 1-160 hole used to perforate blown and laminated films with macro-perforated high density hole patterns.

Mechanical Perforation - Purpose designed mechanical perforation for use on films of 3 mils and upward. This process is not recommended for use in food applications.



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