Replacing conventional cans and jars, stand up pouches are the fastest growing segment of consumer packages.


  • Stand Up
  • 3 Side Seal
  • Zipper Reclosable
  • Bottom Load with Header
  • Peal-Easy Open Pouches





"Retort" is essentially a vessel for the canning process. Using specialized high temperature sealants, our custom pouches are known world- wide for reliability and the highest quality.

Spout Pouches


Our premade pouches are rigorously tested at our ISO-9000 registered facility to outperform the competition. When it comes to food safety, our specialized retort sealants and laminations offer the highest performance.


Polymeric offers retort pouches with specialized spouts for the high temperature retort process. Using a custom resin formulation, each spout is closely matched to its film / pouch counterpart.