November, 2014


To Whom It May Concern:


I have been working with Polymeric Film & Bags since the early 1990’s. They have been a real asset to me and my organization as we progressed toward developing a world class, totally recyclable packaging for our steel products. We were able to put together a package that withstood shipping from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Mexico. It withstood exposure to the transit weather as well as at the distribution centers in Texas, whether inside a building or left in a lot and manhandled by rough equipment and changing weather conditions.

We were experiencing total loss claims due to rust inside Mexico until incorporating Polymeric’s suggestions. Once we incorporated their input, we never experienced another rust claim over the next eight years. I spent 42 years working in operations and I can honestly say that Polymeric was the best I ever invested my time and Mill Steel’s money in. They are caring professionals who look after your needs beyond what you will find elsewhere. Take a challenge and provide them with your toughest packaging problem and expect to be impressed.



John C. Kominski
Retired Senior Operations Mgr.
Mill Steel Company