October, 2014


To Whom It May Concern:


I have had the pleasure of working with Fred Leiter at Polymeric Film and Bags since the late 90’s. Fred works with other specialists in the packaging industry to develop very unique packaging solutions for a variety of applications. He can source specific poly films, including laminated and high quality printed bags that set your product apart from the competition. He also has the technical resources to have your films perforated at the micro or macro level for proper storage of perishable items. These micro perforation applications are also well suited for steam cooking needs of food.


I worked with Fred and Polymeric for micro and macro perforated films used for high volume packaging of flower bulbs. These bulbs required a specific air transfer rate to maintain shelf life and overall viability. The film solutions we received from Polymeric were of excellent quality, always on time to keep us producing and priced to offer real value.


I would highly recommend Fred and Polymeric to anyone looking for unique, technical packaging applications. If he cannot get your needs taken care using his one of kind resources, nobody can.



Todd Bustard
Director of Operations
Michigan Bulb Company