How do we get started?

  • We approach every project as an idea waiting to happen! After identifying your package size and layout, we produce the die-lines to get you started.

  • Our graphics team can offer many ideas and assist with color selection for your final design.

  • Using up to 10 color rotogravure, we can show you how a matte finish compliments the package as well as a matte / glossy combo.

  • After approval on the initial artwork is done, a hard copy color proof is generated as a final.

  • We offer all our plates/cylinders at cost to our customers. We are your competitive source!

Which film to use for our project?

  • Our extensive knowledge in barrier film technology lends us the background required to accurately focus on the correct structure for your project

  • Taking into account your shelf life requirements, product distribution, handling and storage, we perform a base line assessment to recommend the correct structure.

  • Our staff includes food science professionals, graphic artists and technical film experts.

Can our pouch include a spout or zipper?

  • We have a vast array of spouts available for addition to our converted pouches. We can help plan for your design to include a corner fitment or center spout.

  • Our expertise in retort now includes specialized spouts for this very demanding application.

  • High integrity zipper installation is major component for many of our packages. Our inventory also includes corner mounted applications for pouring.